The following are the Terms and Conditions ("Terms") under which GoFAST will process electronic reservations of empty container returns and continuing updates of depot inventory status available on this Site.
These Terms describe the responsibilities of CDEC as service provider of GoFAST electronic services, and registered users consisting of “Shipping Line”, "Customs Broker", “Trucker” and “Container Depot”.
  1. GoFAST.ph ("Site") is owned and operated by Cargo Data Exchange Center, Incorporated ("CDEC").
  2. GoFAST processes the electronic reservation of empty container return in its capacity as exclusive system owner and system provider.
  3. “Registered User” means the individual person registered as GoFAST user, together with the business entity he/she represents and is employed with, who is provided a secure username and password for the specific purpose of accessing GoFAST.
Acceptance of Terms
  1. By registering with GoFAST, the Registered User accepts the Terms and agrees to fully abide with all business rules, end user procedures, and system security requirements.
Obligations of Registered User
  1. As a condition of using this Site, the Registered User agrees :
    1. To provide its own computer equipment, Internet connection and related network facilities at its own cost in order to access and use GoFAST
    2. to use this Site or its contents or information only for the specific purposes it is intended, and not to use for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by the Terms;
    3. not to access, monitor or copy any content or information of this Site without authorization from the business entity he/she represents in an official capacity, the Association of International Shipping Lines (AISL), and CDEC;
    4. not to bypass or circumvent system security rules and configuration settings.
  2. The Registered User also warrants that
    1. he/she is fully authorized by his/her company to transact with GoFAST;
    2. he/she acknowledges and confirms that all electronic data submitted and/or transmitted to GoFAST software application are true and correct, and will be used by other Registered Users as integral component of community system business process workflow and operational procedures involving the entire range of empty container returns and depot inventory updates, including but not necessarily limited to:
      • Validity and accuracy of shipping line Delivery Order/Container Release Order
      • Validity and accuracy of depot Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) for both In/Out container and truck movements
      • additions & deletions to current inventory of shipping line empty containers in depots
      • system date/time stamps of truck and empty container gate-in/gate-out movements may be used as electronic documentation support to evaluate potential applicability or non-applicability of detention fees and extra trucking charges
CDEC Obligations
  1. CDEC will:
    1. accept all costs of maintaining this Site, including applicable electronic forms, system features, and system enhancements resulting from pilot implementation;
    2. provide end user training to Registered Users on the proper and efficient use of GoFAST system;
    3. provide dedicated help desk facility through email and phone during the operating hours of GoFAST;
    4. host the GoFAST server and software application in its own data center with adequate network infrastructure
    5. ensure high level of system availability and redundancy
Suspension or termination of registration
  1. CDEC reserves the right to suspend or terminate user registration and to disable access of Registered User to this Site at any time for any lawful reason, including if:
    1. use of the Site for unauthorized purpose and failure to comply with any of the obligations under the Terms;
    2. the business entity with which Registered User is employed instructs CDEC to terminate user account;
    3. CDEC is instructed in writing by AISL to suspend or terminate user registration or is required by law to do so.
  1. All information, data, software, user interface design, electronic interfaces with 3rd parties, written and other material and compilations (collectively, "Content") are intellectual property of CDEC and GoFAST.
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure
  1. The database and all transaction data processed by GoFAST are considered confidential information owned by system users and will not be disclosed to any 3rd party without their written approval or consent and that of CDEC and AISL.
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